About Us

Here’s the difference…

Artistic Closets Inc. is a family-owned and operated local business since 1992, not a big box franchise company, and is celebrating 26 years in the industry. Dave and Denise Cintron, owner-operators of the company, take great pride in their one-on-one personalized service, skilled craftsmanship, integrity and profound knowledge of space utilization! Together, with a team of highly experienced and caring employees who meet high expectations, forms the well-known and highly referred Artistic Closets Team.

Artistic Closets Knowledge:

Artistic Closets Inc. Knowledge in space utilization comes with the many years of experience in the industry. Dave started out in 1988 in New Jersey, where he had a small custom closet company. Denise earned a degree in business management & worked for a large distribution center running the electronic data interchange systems. They moved to Florida in 1992 , and have been organizing families ever since. The design team consists of prior installers & a knowledgeable team. This is highly important! Anyone can create a design on paper or an online program. Bottom line, if the space is not thought out properly it can mean a poorly designed product installed
for the customer. In years of experience in the industry, Artistic Closets Inc. has learned that a space planning designer has to have been involved with prior installations to become highly knowledgeable as a designer. This fact is continuously proven by the designs viewed from franchise companies, and a sales staff hired by other companies working on a commission-only basis in order to make a sale. Our Designers do not work on a commission only basis they work for you….the client.